Renaissance violin

Strings and rosin for renaissance violinIn Stevan Rakić's workshop, this historic instrument was made - Renaissance violin from the age of Henry VIII. Instruments of this type, a forerunner of today's violin, were extremely popular and widespread in Europe during the first half of the sixteenth century, as evidenced by a number of representations on modern paintings and engravings. Renaissance violin shape and structure are significantly different from the modern violin, made ​​in the beginning of the Baroque era. The new, baroque violins were structurally improved and tonal significantly superior, and since the beginning of the seventeenth century, this old style of violin completely disappears from use. During the twentieth century, thanks to the movement of the early music revival, comes the re-awakening interest in authentic historical instruments, which are more frequently encountered on the concert stage.

Violin in the image is copy of an authentic instrument of the first half of the sixteenth century. Oval and elongated corpus is substantially different from the form of today's violin, the lower plate is slightly convex to completely flat, and the top is flat and has two sound holes in the shape of an elongated letter C. The instrument is made ​​according to original designs, made ​​from top quality materials and features a distinctive, expressive, gentle and warm sound.

Renaissance violin Rakić, front Renaissance violin Rakić, back Renaissance violin Rakić, side Renaissance violin Rakić, top

Renaissance violin Rakić on stand Renaissance violin Rakić, waist Renaissance violin Rakić, head Renaissance violin Rakić in case

Sopran violin, Alto violin, Tenor violin

Violinmaker Stevan Rakić with renaissance instrumentsThese instruments belong to the viola family (the Renaissance forerunner of today's violin and viola). Renaissance sopran violin in size and range roughly corresponds to today's violin. Renaissance alto violin by the dimensions and proportions is adjusted to the measures of viola. Renaissance tenor violin is roughly similar in size to small Renaissance cello, and this instrument is based on the shape and form of the previous two instruments, in consultation with the images of Renaissance instruments of this type.

The instruments are commissioned by "Ansámbl Luython" from California, USA. "Ansámbl Luython" is the premier Ensamble Group Specializing in Eastern European Renaissance Music.

Front of Rakić Sopran violin Back of Rakić Sopran violin Front of Rakić Sopran violin Back of Rakić Sopran violin
Renaissance Sopran violin

Front of Rakić Alto violin Front of Rakić Alto violin Back of Rakić Alto violin Side of Rakić Alto violin
Renaissance Alto violin

Front of Rakić Tenor violin Back of Rakić Tenor violin Scroll of Rakić Tenor violin Front of Rakić Tenor violin Side of Rakić Tenor violin
Renaissance Tenor violin