About us

Since the foundation of workshop in 1990, our work is devoted to the workmanship of new instruments and repair of old istruments, professionally, with full responsibility and high quality.

Doing so, we always strive to meet musicians expectations, including leading instrumentalists, whose mastery requires highly prepared and maintained instrument, young musicians, students who are just starting to learn music and become familiar with playing on string instruments.

Therefore, we are always happy to give guidance and advice to young musicians, because for them the correct and well maintained instrument represents an important element of the inevitable assumption of successful progress in learning.

Each instrumentalist, regardless of age, and his own level of interpretation should have optimally matched "tool" - a good instrument encouragies the youngest musicians to learn and allows them to fully experience the joy of playing, while for concert musicians, a good instrument is necessary to fully express their interpretative skills and musical mastery.

Stevan and Ana Rakić in front of the shop in Poštanska street, Novi Sad

Violins and violas hang in Rakić shop in Novi Sad