Electric violin Rakić

Electric violin with six strings

Rakić electric violin with six strings - front   Rakić electric violin with six strings - back   Rakić carbon electric violin - front   Rakić carbon electric violin - back

"Rakić" electric violin with four, five and six strings is handmade aimed to produce the same sound quality as a master acoustic violin, and at the same time to be aesthetically attractive and originally designed. The whole instrument is made of carbon fibers, whereby weight is reduced and strength of the violin is increased. Weight of fully equipped violin with six strings is only 700 grams.

Carbon fiber electric violin   Plate with Rakić handmade logo on electric violin   Six strings carbon electric violin

Acoustic - hollow instrument body produces natural sound with deeper strings G, C, and F, which is generally a problem with electric violins. Hard "piezzo pickup" produces clean and clear sound. "Rakić" electric violin is equipped with quality "Gotoh" machine heads made in Japan. "Gotoh Stealth" are lightest and smallest machine heads with 18:1 ratio for fine tuning. Fingerboard and tailpiece are from ebony, as well as "Sas" Chin rest which is adjustable to meet the needs of every musician.

Rakić carbon fiber electric violin   Chameleon color electric violin   Rakić electric violin with sas chin rest

Electric violin with Gotoh Stealth machine heads   Head of electric violin with Gotoh Stealth machine heads   Rakić electric violin bag

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